"Illuminated from within."

"What lies before us and what lies behind us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." ~Ralph Waldo Emmerson~

When I first started teaching yoga at my studio space in St. Mary's Hall at The Abbey in Canon City, Colorado, there was a Weight Watchers Group that met at the same time as my yoga class, in the room next door. I would leave my door open so passer-bys could peek in and see what was going on, in hopes of capturing a student or two. One of the Weight Watchers, a devout, studied, Christian lady in her early 70's asked if she could come in and watch ~ Of course I said "Yes!" Within 15 minutes, she was practicing with us and really enjoying it. At one evening class, after she decided to join us, I asked the class what it might be like to "practice in the Presence of the Divine?" Without skipping a beat, this new yoga student said, "We would be illuminated from within." Let yourself be illuminated during your yoga practice, from within.


All Held at:
The Abbey St. Mary's Halll #102
2951 E. Highway 50
Canon City, CO 81212   USA
Elaine Schuhrke
Colorado Yoga Dipika, LLC

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